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Single Resident Occupancy

Chapter 3: Children of an SRO

"That’s why he was in the single resident occupancy (SRO), an old, grand building for the American underclass that rents subsidized studios to single individuals. He couldn’t pull himself together."

Chapter 9: It Was the Sound

"But that didn’t stop the old man from cutting into me with his tongue as often as he could, jabbing me with malicious comments, calling me a fuck up for not joining the military, and habitually reminding me that he should be my caseworker, not the other way around."

Chapter 10: Faces of Fire

"If [the landlord] was anything, she was fair. She didn’t play favorites; she didn’t give special preferences. She maintained a high philosophy of human rights: People have the right to affordable housing, and they have the right to be homeless. People have choices."

Chapter 15: The Work of Saints

"His riches came in food stamps and a monthly SSI check. Augustus was on the lowest rung of society and had always been; it was my duty to work with him.... But that’s also where I struggled. I didn’t want to be with him; I wanted to do things for him. I wanted him to be somebody he didn’t want to be."
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